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Yahweh desires to reveal who He is to His people. After 400 years in bondage in Mitsrayim/Egypt, Yah sent Moshe (known as Moses in most versions of Scripture) to bring them out of slavery. In doing so he exposed the false mighty ones of Pharaoh and the Egyptians/Mitsrite. He brought their names to nothing, proving that they had no power and that He, Yah is the only True Mighty One.

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He is distinct from all the false mighty ones, and His Name sets Him apart from them.

In the following portion of text from Shemoth/Exodus we read the account of Moshe being commissioned to return to Mitsrayim to bring the people out. He wants to know the Name of who it is who is commissioning him. Remember that Moshe was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, in the midst of all the paganism, with their many false mighty ones.

He knew their names. It appears that he knew the importance of differentiating the Elohim that he was representing before Pharaoh and the people from those false ones, of whom Pharaoh and the sorcerers in his court would try to bring against the True Mighty One. Here’s some of the conversation recorded between Yah and Moshe.

“And Mosheh said to Elohim, “See, when I come to the children of Yisra’ĕl and say to them, ‘The Elohim of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, ‘What is His Name?’ what shall I say to them?” And Elohim said to Mosheh, “I am that which I am.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Yisra’ĕl, ‘I am has sent me to you.’ ” And Elohim said further to Mosheh, “Thus you are to say to the children of Yisra’ĕl, ‘Yahweh’ Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Yitsḥaq, and the Elohim of Ya‛aqoḇ, has sent me to you.

This is My Name forever, and this is My remembrance to all generations.’” Shemoth/Exodus 3:13-15 ISR98

It is important to remember His Name, because the Names of the false mighty ones are always before us, and in the face of the True Elohim. It is an all out assault with the intent to replace the Name of the True Elohim with any name, or title, to keep people away from the Truth that will set them free. Yahweh always provides witness to His Truth, and will always reveal His True Name to those who desire to know Him for who He really is. But the enemy doesn’t just fold his cards and walk away.

This is exactly what happened in Mitsrayim. In common vernacular we had a “battle of the gods.” But there is only one Elohim, and He brings all other names and mighty ones “gods” to nothing!

How do you keep them straight, if all of them are called god? Especially today, when the lines are being blurred by many, both in and outside the professing church, who are beginning to put forth the ideas that Allah and Yahweh are the same god! The idea that Allah means “god,” they tell us, is, evidently proof enough. NO! The Name of Yahweh is not the name of Allah! His Name, who He is, sets Him apart. He is not a generic, one size fits all mighty one.

He is Yahweh Elohim, the only True Mighty One. He is the “self existent One.” All others are figments of man’s futile imagination, inspired by the liar, Satan, the serpent who deceived Eve in the Garden.

When you are calling out to Him for deliverance what name should you use? Is a generic reference good enough? Will it suffice to use the name of one of the false mighty ones that oppose Him to call on the only True Mighty One? No! He made a big point of bringing their names to naught – to nothing.

They are meaningless and we are told to no longer even speak them. He brought their names to naught. But He commanded that we are not to bring His Name to naught!

For generations His Name, and His Son’s Name have been hidden from the majority of the people who profess to follow Him.

3) Before You Try To Do It Faster, Ask Whether It Should Be Done At All

Like the people who were delivered from Mitsrayim, so that they could serve Yahweh according to His Torah, we too, if we have cried out to Him, have been delivered for the same reason. We are to know Him, by His Name, and to worship Him according to His Torah. Psalm 119 tells us clearly that His Torah is Truth. And Yahshua told us, in speaking to the Samaritan woman, that we are to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. In Torah we are commanded to not bring His Name to naught, and to not even mention the names of the false mighty ones.

Consider what the prophet Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah says, in Chapter 16:

O Yahweh, my strength and my stronghold and my refuge, in the day of distress the gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, “Our fathers have inherited only falsehood, futility, and there is no value in them.

Would a man make mighty ones for himself, which are not mighty ones?

Therefore, see, I am causing them to know, this time I cause them to know My hand and My might. And they shall know that My Name is Yahweh!”

Shaul/Paul tells about his encounter with the risen Messiah, on the road to Damascus; “And it came to be, as I was journeying and coming near Damascus, about noon, suddenly a great light shone around me out of the heaven,and I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, ‘Sha’ul, Sha’ul, why do you persecute Me?’ And I answered, ‘Who are You, Master?’ And He said to me, ‘I am Yahshua of Natsareth, whom you persecute.’” – Acts 22.

Acts 9, Acts 26

Yah wants to reveal His Name to us, just as He did to Moshe, the Israelites, Pharaoh, the Mitsrite/Egyptians, and Shaul, so that we know that He is the only True Mighty One, and that He has brought the names of all other mighty ones to naught. His Name is not god, as that is at best a generic, and nondescript reference, or title. And at worst the word “god” is derived from a pagan mighty one’s name! Yahweh is His Name. His Son bears His Name – Yahshua, “Yah is Salvation.”

Yahweh is also not Lord! Lord means Ba’al. Ba’al is a Phoenician false mighty one whose worshipers sacrificed children to! When we call Yah “Lord” we are calling Him Ba’al, a false mighty one who received sacrifice in the murder of children!

Names and words have meaning. Do you think He wants to be called Ba’al?

Is this not an insult to Him? What does He have to say about the matter?

““And it shall be, in that day,” declares Yahweh, “that you call Me ‘My Husband,’ and no longer call Me ‘My Ba‛al.’ “And I shall remove the names of the Ba‛als from her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.” Hoshea 2:16-17 ISR98

His Name is Yahweh, and His Son’s Name is Yahshua.

1) Manage Your Mood

Yahshua is our Bridegroom, and the time is coming that the marriage will be consummated and we will call Him, “My Husband.” We won’t call Him Lord, or God. We will call Him Yahshua, and His Father Yahweh. Should we not be calling Him by His True Name, even now?

In our day to day walk, as we seek to follow the Mighty One who has delivered us, should we not know His Name, call upon His Name, and proclaim His Name?

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Should we not make distinct His True Name from the false names – that those who ask us for the hope that lies within us will know who it is we serve, and not confuse Him with the false ones who are of no help at all? I know longer call Him by those false names. For over half my life in Messiah I did not know His True Name, yet He heard me and delivered me, and then He revealed His Name to me. I now know His Name and choose to remember it, as I remember that He is the Mighty One who delivered me. Yah is Salvation – Yahshua!

His Father, and my Father by adoption, is Yahweh! Blessed be His Set Apart Name!

I leave you with Mishle/Proverbs 30:4-9 to consider: “Who has gone up to the heavens and come down? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name, And what is His Son’s Name, If you know it? Every Word of Eloah is tried; He is a shield to those taking refuge in Him. Do not add to His Words, Lest He reprove you, and you be found a liar. Two matters I have asked of You – Deny them not to me before I die: Remove falsehood and a lying word far from me; Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me my portion of bread; Lest I become satisfied and deny You , and say, “Who is Yahweh?” And lest I be poor, and steal, and seize the Name of my Elohim.”


McDonald's cautious on outlook

United States fast-food giant McDonald's notched a 3.7 increase in second-quarter profits, but offered a cautious outlook on the rest of given the uncertain economic environment.

McDonald's on Monday reported $US1.40 billion ($A1.53 billion) in profits on $US7.08 billion in revenues, up from last year's income of $US1.35 billion on revenues of $US6.92 billion.

Analysts had forecast revenues of $US7.09 billion.

The results translated into earnings of $US1.38 per share, two cents shy of the $US1.40 analyst estimate.

McDonald's chief executive Don Thompson said "the informal eating-out market remains challenging and economic uncertainty is pressuring consumer spending."

The company projected "relatively flat" global comparable store sales for July and sees results being "challenged" the rest of .

Operating income in the US was "relatively flat" in the second quarter even as comparable sales rose 1.0 per cent.

Europe's comparable sales were down 0.1 per cent, but operating income rose 5 per cent.

In the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, comparable store sales fell 0.3 per cent, while operating income declined one per cent.

"We have succeeded in a variety of operating and economic environments," Thompson said.

"I am confident that our System, global infrastructure and the unique and evolving McDonald's brand experience will enable us to deliver sustained profitable growth for the long-term."

McDonald's shares tumbled 2.3 per cent in pre-market trading.

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