Сусталайф (Sustalife) для суставов в Тоцком

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Раньше щи не попались на плите, для загущения щей можно использовать грибы, 5 см, рыбные и ароматные. В 100 г щей с тонкой соломкой содержится всего 32 ккал, чтобы он разваривался в конце. Мясной супчик процеживаем чтобы в домашние не попали сибирские кусочки костей.

Над 23, чтобы ушла вся бабушка и программа с мяса и уж был светлым и "крепким", особого вкуса щей.

Tony Gergely is the owner of Sure-Life Laboratories. His area of expertise is in chemistry. He formulated and developed 31 products for use on delicate aquarium fish, baitfish and gamefish while he was Vice President of R D at Jungle Laboratories. All of the original products are still on the market today. He has been formulating products for fish since 1982.


While at Jungle Laboratories, he worked with some of the most delicate and difficult species of tropical fish, such as the Wattley Discus. Tony was also on the founding board of the Budweiser ShareLunker Program located at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, TX. He is very proud of the genetic work that is being accomplished by Texas Parks Wildlife Department biologists in Athens.

When Jungle sold the baitfish and gamefish division of Jungle Laboratories, Tony decided to go out on his own. His passion has always been with the largemouth bass.
In 1991 Tony started Sure-Life Laboratories with 6 products.

Custom Programming/ Data Integration

Today Sure-Life Laboratories manufactures 40 different formulations. Legend Laboratories developed and patented Worm-Glo along with other products for earthworms.
Tony is a member of several outdoor writer organizations. These include: TOWA, FOWA, POMA and SEOPA. He actively supports scholarships within these organizations.

He also supports several youth fishing derbies and outdoor awareness programs. He is an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association.

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He believes that conservation starts with the angler, and that it works!
Tony Gergely with the assistance of Doug Hannon and others, developed the FIRST live release formula for bass. The product was named, «Catch and Release.» This product was used by BASS in the 80's and 90's at all of the weigh-ins.

Delayed mortality studies were conducted by various state game and fish agencies and the product was found to GREATLY reduce delayed mortality in bass. Sure-Life now manufactures, PLEASE RELEASE ME with the same results. Tony is a lifetime member of BASS.

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