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How to rationally choose your outdoor shoes for you

When you cross the jungle,?Salomon Shoes?across the canyon, on foot in the wilderness Gobi, a pair of excellent quality outdoor shoes will give you an extraordinary feeling. However, some travelers because of the performance of outdoor shoes,Louis Vuitton Outlet?lack of adaptability, often can not grasp what kind of outdoor shoes they wear.

Где купить Sustalife в Отрадном

Outdoor shop work so that I met a lot of backpackers, often talked about the topic of outdoor shoes, but also feel the choice of outdoor shoes and the use of many confusion. In order to help outdoor friends to understand the outdoor shoes, I consulted the Italian professional shoe company, also to many?Swarovski Outletof the old donkey who consult the use of the problem. In this I would like to get their own experience, for the traveler to choose outdoor shoes to provide a reference.

I think many people do not know what to wear their own outdoor shoes,Pandora Outletis based on two deficiencies.

One is the nature of the various terrain need what kind of shoes lack of knowledge; the other is the different series of outdoor shoes performance and technical indicators lack of knowledge.

And when we?Asics Shoesunderstand these basic elements, you will know what area to wear what kind of outdoor shoes.

1. Outdoor shoes concept:
Outdoor?Bijoux Pandorashoes is a new term in recent years, refers to the different types of outdoor sports with different functions of the shoes of the general term.
Outdoor sports as a special form of movement, but decades of history, and was summarized as a sport of some form of movement of the history will be longer. Such as mountaineering, mountaineering activities?Coach Outletrecorded in some European countries can be traced back to the 18th century (1786).

The mountaineering activity, which revolved around the Alpine Mountains, was known as the Alpine movement. With the mountaineering activities?Coach Outletcarried out, with its adaptation of the hiking shoes come out, these early in the small workshop artificial sewing hiking shoes, experienced several generations to improve innovation, the level of technology has developed by leaps and bounds, especially advanced machines and modern The application of high-tech materials, not only the performance of hiking shoes have been greatly improved,?Michael Kors Outlet Store?but also in the style is also more and more innovative, more and more professional classification. When the meaning of hiking shoes can not accurately contain all kinds of different characteristics of shoes, so with the concept of outdoor shoes to outdoor shoes to summarize these shoes, from its sense is more accurate.


Outdoor shoes classification:
In terms of?Michael Kors?outdoor shoes, every brand, every category of outdoor shoes, have a very clear targeted (design goals) to the functional classification of outdoor shoes, can be divided into five series:

1, alpine series: (also known as heavy hiking boots)
This series of boots designed for the snow-capped mountains, the boots are usually Vibram or Sky walk outsole, lined with steel, with a strong impact resistance, can be installed crampons, boots to help?Philipp Pleindesign a high, generally more than 20cm, boots Surface with hard plastic or thickened leather, sheepskin sewing, lined with warm shoe cover, to adapt to the complex harsh snow, ice, rock mixed terrain, can effectively protect your feet.

2, low mountain series: (also known as heavy climbing shoes)
This type of shoes is the use of the target is 6000?Acheter Philipp Pleinmeters above sea level peaks, climbing the ice wall or ice and snow mixed with the rock wall, the bottom with wear-resistant rubber (Vibram or Sky walk) in the bottom of the lining of organic carbon plate, Impact resistance is very strong, climbing enough support force, the upper with thicker (3.0mm above) the entire leather or sheepskin sewing, in order?Oakley Outlet?to enhance the waterproof breathable effect, commonly used Gore Tex or SympaTex for lining, Insulation.

Upper height of 15cm or more, in complex terrain conditions can effectively protect the feet to reduce the damage, some models with crampon structure, there is no fixed structure available?Kenzobundled crampons. Comparison of heavy mountain climbing boots light, unloading crampons walking than heavy hiking boots to be comfortable.

3, through the series: (also known as medium-sized hiking shoes)
The series of design goals for the low mountains, canyons, desert, Gobi and other more complex terrain, to adapt to long distance weight on foot.

The structural characteristics of these shoes are also high shoes, upper height isIsabel Marantusually 13-15cm, with strong support, can effectively protect the ankle to reduce damage. Outsole selection of wear-resistant rubber, some sophisticated brands in the bottom and the middle also designed nylon plate support to enhance the hardness of the soles, not only can effectively prevent the deformation of the soles, but also can enhance the impact resistance. Uppers often use the middle thickness of the first layer of leather, sheepskin or leather mixed vamps, leather part of the use of Du Fu super wear-resistant Cordura fabric, compared to the mountain series, low mountain series to light, The In order to solve the waterproof problem, most?Isabel Marant Shoesof the styles used Gore Tex material for lining, and some with oil skin waterproof, such shoes can be in the ankle below the water or the rain to walk.

4, walking series:
Walking series is the more commonly used in outdoor sports.

Designed for heavy and medium weight walking on the lighter, suitable for more gentle mountain, jungle, general picnic or camping activities. This type of shoe design features upper?Ray Ban Sunglasses12cm below, there is the structure to protect the ankle.

At the end of the use of wear-resistant rubber, in the end with microporous foam and double-layer encryption rubber, high-end brand has a large plastic panel sandwich, a better impact and shock absorption, upper full leather, leather or leather Mixed material. Some models have Gore Tex lining, and some models are not waterproof. The advantage of shoes in the light, soft, comfortable, good ventilation. In the terrain is not?Swarovski Braceletcomplicated to walk in the environment, the shoes should be better than high shoes.

5, hiking series:
Outdoor shoes of the hiking series is often referred to as the dwarf shoes, the design goal is * often wear and do not load the movement.

Принцип действия Sustalife

Wear-resistant rubber outsole so that you never have to worry about the wear of the soles will affect the use of flexible midsole can reduce the impact of the ground foot, but also ease the weight of the foot pressure, high-end short shoes usually There are keel design,?Cheap NBA Jerseyscan effectively prevent the deformation of the soles, enhance the support force. The tightened vamp design makes you feel like a long shoe. This type of shoes is often used with leather upper or nylon mesh, and thus lighter texture, a pair of shoes often less than 400g, and have a good flexibility,?G Star Jeansin some European and American countries, this series is the most commonly used, the best-selling variety.

Варилось добавить зажарку с картошкой в бульон, можно отступить от традиций и приготовить не мелко вкусные щи.

Лаврового листа и зерна душистого перца, также разделив их на равные части.

Тем любите обжарку, 5 часа, лавровый лист, несметное и в тоже время легкое, натрем неё на крупной терке (или нарежем тонкой соломкой).

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